Accurate & Diverse

Race, ethnicity, sex, age and geographical location


2M Clinical understands the importance of accurate and diverse representation of race, ethnicity, sex, age, and geographical location in clinical trials. We put our expertise and geographic information system (GIS) technology to work to ensure trial participants reflect real-world patient populations and meet FDA requirements for representation of demographic subgroups. We also use a multilevel recruitment approach to ensure that we test new medical products with the intended patient groups and obtain valid, useful data for sponsors.

Strategic Solutions We Offer

Use of GIS technology to improve outreach strategies

Access to a network of diverse clinical investigators and bilingual staff

Customized 2M Clinical Toolkit and recommendations equip clients/sponsors to:

  • Build trust with communities and health organizations
  • Overcome language and cultural barriers to trial participation
  • Educate the community and sponsors regarding trials

Let Our
Bilingual Staff
Help You

Languages we’re fluent in

2M Clinical integrates GIS technology data
to ensure trial participants reflect real world patient populations

2M has a unique capability to identify hotspots by employing cutting edge Geospatial Information Science allowing for targeted interventions with a strategic advantage for clinical trial recruiting.