A Diverse Team of

Powerful Leaders


Founded in 2011 by Dr. Marcus Martin (CEO) and Dr. Eddilisa Martin (President), 2M Clinical is led by a diverse team of experts with extensive hands-on experience in every aspect of clinical trials and research. Our collective knowledge of the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors and substantial work with regulatory bodies makes us a powerful ally and smart strategic partner.

Regina James

  • BS
  • MD
  • 25+Years of Experience

Senior Vice President & Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Regina James has over 25 years of clinical research experience. Dr. James is responsible for leading 2M’s Clinical Research Practice with in-depth clinical knowledge of human health and disease, combined with skills in scientific investigation and analysis of phase II-IV clinical trials.

Clinical trials should be aligned with the current disease state and real-world populations because the safety and efficacy of medications can vary by factors such as race, ethnicity, gender and age.

- RJ -

Craig reist

  • BS
  • PhD
  • 25+Years of Experience

Senior Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Craig Reist is a Senior Clinical Trialist with over 25 years of experience working on Pharma-sponsored global outcomes trials with a focus on using metric-driven operational strategies.

COVID-19 is forcing our industry to accelerate innovation with the result being a new blueprint of what is possible when managing clinical trials.

- CR -

Keith tode

  • BA
  • MBA
  • 25+Years of Experience

Vice President & Chief Growth Officer

Mr. Keith Tode brings extensive subject matter expertise in consulting on corporate and commercial strategy, digital health, patient centricity, clinical trial diversity, business development, and sales management.

Innovative medicine should be made available to all patients, regardless of race, age, sex or geographic location.

- KT -

eddilisa martin

  • BP
  • PharmaD
  • 23+Years of Experience


Dr. Eddilisa Martin has over 23 years of clinical and health outcomes research and executive leadership experience.

We want all patients to be able to make healthcare decisions based on clinical research data that reflects them.

- EM -

marcus martin

  • Phd
  • MPH
  • 23+Years of Experience

Founder & ceo

Dr. Marcus Martin is the Founder and CEO of 2M Clinical. He is responsible for 2M’s corporate vision, strategic growth, and talent acquisition. Dr. Martin has over 23 years of applied research, academic, and executive leadership experience.

Everyone deserves an opportunity to enroll in a clinical trial regardless of race, gender, age, geography or socioeconomic status.

- MM -